Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Activities within the past two weeks :)

There have been many fun, cool events within the past two weeks.  I have been having so much fun!  This week and next week are finals sooo, good thing I had this much fun because I am headed into complete study zone for a while.  Here are my adventures... :)

Here we are at "The Avengers!"  We got to go see the movie in West Jerusalem!  It was so fun to actually see a movie in a real movie theater.  My favorite thing to do in the summer time (besides swimming.)

The picture above this one is me and Nat in front of the Mary Magdelin church.  
Isn't it beautiful?
This next picture is me inside of the church.  I had to get covered up because I wasn't wearing a dress or a head scarf.  Super pretty!!

 Here I am at the Israel museum.  Here are the two ancient lions that we saw.  

This picture on the right is one of my favorite statues.  This is one that they used in the ancient world... I kind of forgot the reason that they had this statue, but it could be used for religious worship, used in the king's palace, etc.  Super cool!

Here I am with Lane at the Waffle Bar.  We got to eat HUGE waffles in West Jerusalem that were delicious!! SSSSOOOOO good!! haha I am definitely going back later.

Here is what the waffle looked like... Delicious right??

This is the separation wall.  We went here about a week ago.  This is when the Israelis divided Jerusalem and kicked Palestine out of their homes.  The situation is terrible because Palestinians do not have any advantage in Jerusalem.
Here I am at a Jewish synagogue.  We got to attend a reform Jewish service.
The whole service was singing in Hebrew.  It was pretty amazing to see.
Here we are on Sunday.  We got to go to the beach and go snorkeling!!!  It was so much fun to be on a beach chillin with friends and not have to worry about school work.  We saw some colorful fish and other cool things.  The water was beautiful!...  The three of us are quite beautiful too right?

This pic below is just a picture of us chillin on the beach. So fun :)

This special picture is when we took out my awesome braids and I freaking looked like a lion.  It was so funny!  We had a blast with this on the bus! haha I was so hyper I was going crazy!

Here we are on our field trip yesterday.  We were herding sheep!  Awesome right?  I was laughing pretty hard because we did not know what we were doing....

Here is another part of our field trip.  Smashing up a  plant to make spices :)

Here I am in a little garden just relaxing on a tree.

I am having so much fun here in Jerusalem.  The adventures never end.  Even though they will be on hold for a week or two while we finish up our finals week, they will definitely continue after that.  I am learning so much it's incredible.  I love it here!  Best decision of my life :)  
Love you guys!

- Rachelle


  1. So that "Lion" picture of you: Welcome to my life :)

  2. Oh my gosh Shell. The snorkeling, the Avengers picture of you using the force, and the LION picture all made me laugh. Especially the Lion. Love it. So glad you are learning, growing, and having a blast at the same time. Good luck on finals!!!